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Beginning Bass Fly-Fisherman Needs Advice.

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I'm looking to get into fly-fishing for bass but I don't know what type of equipment to get. Can anyone help? Should I get a 8, 9, or 10 weight rod? Floating or sinking weighted line or both? What material to use for tippets, mono or fluro? What type of reel and are they available in left hand or can they be switched like in spinning reels? I'm thinking of getting a 7'-10" rod so I can still use it when fishing in tournaments since 8' is the length maximum you can use. Also, any suggestions for a good website to visit for bass baits used for flying fishing. What are are some good entry level brands of rods and reels to look into. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the boards. 8 wt should be plenty. Floating line would be a blast for topwater and a weighted fly would get you down a bit, so you should probably start there. I prefer flouro leaders/tippets, but mono would be better when you're going topwater. 9' rod would be a better choice, especially if you float tube, but I understand the desire to have <8' with the tourney regs (is this fly fishing tourneys or do you plan to use the rod for "regular" fishing duties as well?). I haven't seen a short rod like that offered in 8wt or above, but I could have just missed that. Anyhow, most fly fishing sites offer bass flies these days, but my favorite for a combination of price and quality is the Blue Fly Cafe out of Idaho.


Do yourself a favor and get a quality rod (go up the line as far as you can afford). I prefer Sage and St Croix, but other brands have quality offerings as well. Good luck!

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X2 on most of the above.

I would look into a Temple Fork Outfitters rod as well, good place to start. I would suggest going for a longer rod, at least 8'6", but if you need to use it for tournament then i feel ya on the shorter rod.

A floating line will work well, then you can alternate between mono and floro if you want to keep it on top or sink down.

As far as reels go I would spend as much as you can on a rod and good line, then go cheap on the reel, I personally rarely use mine in the course of fighting a fish.

(I am starting to do some bass fishing with a fly rod, but grew up fly fishing for trout and from time to time pan fish)


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If I had to choose it would be sinking line.

You pretty much answered your own question on rod length.

I do believe that some reels can be switch over for left to right and vice versa.

Flies: Dahlberg Divers, Clouser Minnows, Wolly Buggers to name a few.

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I love to guide guys who want to catch bass and big bluegill with a fly. Much of what has been said is great advice. Temple Fork Rods are rods that will last you a lifetime and are priced great. A list of equipment to start with looks like this.

9ft - 8wt rod

Quality Reel - Does not need to be expensive

Floating- weight forward line

10lb leader

8lb fluoro tippet for sinking flies

8lb mono tippet for floating flies

Can anyone name this famous fly fisherman? I spent some time with him last week.


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