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Hey all,

I stumbled across this site and figured that it would be a great resource for me to turn to when I can't catch any fish. I've been fishing since I could walk, and my dad is the reason for that. I won't tell him but he still can out fish me anytime. I have fished a few tournys with limited success. I go to college in North Central West Virginia but i'm originally from Central PA. There isn't a lot of good fishing in either of those areas so I haven't had a chance to snag any real monsters.... YET!!!

A little about me:

In college on a college fishing team that does tournaments.

Take all my friends fishing and help them catch fish, sometimes not getting to do too much fishing myself.

Still get out fished by my father!

When not fishing I'm either in class, playing football (on the college football team) or flying airplanes.

Just trying to learn how to fish better every day

So hello Everyone!

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You located in a beautiful part of our country.

We not only look forward to your queries but also to share with us your successes and failures.

Let us know how the fishing is where there are no tidal rivers.

And what types of bodies of waters do you fish other than rivers? Any large lakes up your way?

Glad to have you with us. :)

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Welcome Home!

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Well I fish every lake, river and farm pond I can when I'm not working or in class. I mostly hit up a private lake called Rock Lake near Grafton, Wv. There aren't too many HOT fishing spots around this area which sucks. There aren't too many large lakes near me here, basically you have the Tygart lake and Cheat lake. The Mon. river is always decent and that's about all you have as far as good fishing areas. There are some pretty good trout streams around here, but i'd rather get my hook sunk into a bass!

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