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What Colors/rigs Do You Bassers Use?

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Please understand that there aren't any magic colors or rigs.

You start with seasonal patterns. The old In-fisherman formula - Fish + Location + Presentation = Success is a good plase to start.

There is a time and a place for every rig under the sun. Notice that presentation is the third line in the formula.

First, do your research, get an understanding of how & where fish live. Then stat to use the grey matter between your ears to figure out a presentation.

The background information is required to give your questions context.

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When all else fails, a purple utail worm rigged texas with a bullet weight and a 3/0 hook, by hopping it off the ground! especially for late season fishing.

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Spring shad color rattle trap

V&M june bug 9 inch super dead ringer

summer rapala dt 10 shad pattern

Zoom ole monster watermelon pearl blue

fall rapala dt 10 hot mustard

C-rig super dead ringer redbud

Winter big white spinnerbait

black blue mylar jig

Lucky craft sp 100 ghost jerk bait

find bait find fish with these every year

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Hey Ponz! Welcome to BR!

If you're curious, my most productive baits are, in no particular order: soft plastics in various shades of purple, black and green; crankbaits in shad, chrome and bluegill patterns, jigs in greens, browns and black; topwater baits in black or frog pattern.

Get a hold of a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's catalog and look at the seemingly unlimited variety of baits in all the colors of the rainbow (and then some), and every one of them is used by a bass fisherman somewhere at some time.

I could tell you (and I'd be willing to tell you) what works best for me, but unless you're fishing right beside me, that information wouldn't be of much use.

There are so many variables involved, season, water depth and clarity, type of structure or cover present, time of day, weather conditions...you get the point. What rig or bait that I'm killin' 'em with today might not be worth a hoot on your local waters. Heck, it might not be worth a hoot for me tomorrow or even later today.

Learn a lot of different techniques, ask the locals what works, be flexible (don't get locked in on one bait or presentation) and STUDY. Study the water, study the fish, study baits and presentation techniques. You'll get a handle on what works and what doesn't in certain situations. Use this knowledge as a jumping off point and refine your lure selection and presentation from there.


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