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Catches On The 8" Huddleston Deluxe Rof5

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UPS was good to me, and delivered my new Okuma 7'11" H (I broke the last one a few months back lol) and the stash of 8" hudds a few days earlier than expected. I spooled some 25# big game on my Cardiff 401A, mounted it onto the rod, and took along an unrigged hudd to my local lake; to test drive the rod and try out a few winter swimbait retrieves. One rod, one reel, and one lure without any hooks on it. ROF 0 and ROF 5 hudds don't come rigged with hooks.


Fourth cast, and dredging the bottom of the lake, I hook up with this fellow.


A little Matzuo popper that I lost three months back, at the other end of the lake! I have no idea why it was on the bottom of the lake, and not floating somewhere. It even looks almost new- and the split rings are still shiny.

I'm stoked to get back the popper. Although I picked it off the dollar bin at Dic k's, it caught me a few good fish.

I try out some more stuff I wanted to try. Mike Long supposedly does 15 minute retrieves in the middle of winter, and catches some pigs doing so. I timed my retrieves today, reeling at my usual painfully slow "hudd special" pace. Each took about 5 minutes. Pretty cool. I'm almost a third as good as Mr. Long.

35 yard casts, 22 IPT reel, 6 to 7 seconds per handle turn. Maybe someone will be good enough to compute and tell me how fast that hudd was crawling along.

On one of the last casts, I hooked into another feisty little fellow. Even though I had 25# line, he managed to break free. But I guess the fight wore him out completely, and he just lay floating on the surface a few feet from the shore. And an almost 8 foot rod has a looong reach. I picked him up. A little Rapala F7 floater in rainbow trout. Once again, spanking new. What all these floating baits were doing at the bottom of the lake, I have no idea.


Maybe I should have stayed out a bit longer. With the sort of luck I had, I could have snagged a Lucky Craft or a Megabass or something lol.

One last look at the lake.


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nice catches! LOL


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Very nice catches there! I'd be afraid to through one of those with no hooks, that would be the only time I'd ever get a bite on the dang thing!

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Ditto that! Good job :) they'll love that over on the nation!

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