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Any Recon Users Out There?

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Me 2, its between this and the new pinnacle or okuma rods for me. Just review this rod though on this dudes thread and pm me if you have info on the other 2. Don't want to jack his thread.

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I have a Recon 764C. Here is a short review.

Initial thoughts on rod before use is that it looks great and craftmanship is equal to that of a custom. The reel seat and handle are very comfortable and it is super lightweight for a 7'6" rod. The guides are not micros, but smaller than conventional guides.

After the first time I used the rod I fell in love. The rod is rated for lure weights 3/8-1 1/4oz, but it can handle down to 1/4 oz comfortably. I havent fished anything over 1oz on it yet, so not sure how it will handle heavier weights. The sweet spot for this rod seems to be 1/2 oz. I have pitched jigs and plastics with it thus far and the sensitivity is better than my Powells, Dobyns, and St. Croix Avid. The tip is a little softer than Powell and Croixs, more on par with the Dobyns Champion. This rod would work well with most any technique, but I could see it excelling at T-Rigs, Jigs, deep spinnerbaits/chatterbaits, and wake baits.

I am very impressed with the Recon series and my next rod purchase will either be another Recon or a GLX. It is the best sub $250 rod IMO.

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I have a 715. I was only able to use it once so far, so I can't really give you a long-term type review but...

A lot of us have fished a St. Croix Avid 7' MH (AVC70MHF), so with that in mind the 715 (7'1" "Heavy") actually feels pretty similar to the St. Croix power wise.

The tip on the Recon is softer than the Avid, but the taper ramps up to give it plenty of power for dragging a 1oz C-Rig and Flipping 3/8-1/2oz T-Rigs.

The Recon it is noticably more sensitive (to me) than the Avid.

The balance point with a 201E7 is right smack in the middle of the "nut" that tightens the reel on to the rod, about 3/4" in front of the front edge (not foot) of the reel.

The Recon weighs... 3.65oz the Avid... 4.7oz.

The Avid is a fantastic rod, almost Iconic, if you are not looking at the Recon (in that $$$ range) you would be doing a disservice to yourself.

I'm thinking a 723 (spinning) is on the horizon.

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