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Right Size Trolling Motors.

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Need some trolling motors advice.

At 74 my docking in 25+ mph winds is getting not too good.

I need to put 2 trolling motors on my fishing / party boat. It is a Chaparral 186 SSI 5.0 L V8. Bow rider.

18.5' water line. But it is HIGH at the V bow. Like 4' up in the wind. My next slip buddy & I have 8 " between our fenders. Between wind & prop walk jumping in & out of F & R I am not happy when coming in alone. All seniors, Long walks down a steep hill.I am like 45 year old body & mind. Reflexes are old.

Want a motor locked onto the stern that only does left & right thrusting.

A seperate easily removable bow unit..

I can wire up both easily. I am a very good electrican.

Soo, how big is the stern motor. How big is the bow motor. The stern does not drift compared to the bow. Bow needs constant power due to the big sail area.

Normally 60# to 70# would do a lower sided boat ?

What 2 sized motors should I use ?

I really would like to put the V8 in neutral 20' from the dock & use the bow to PULL & steer it. The stern would just be used to keep it straight. Once I get in. I put BOTH motors on sideways to pin the boat against the dock while I climb out & easily tie the lines up.


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Have you thought about one of these?


I have a buddy who has one attached to his 21ft walleye boat. He uses it for trolling as well as docking. You steer with the steering wheel just as you would with the regular motor. Easy to install also

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For what you are describing, I would think a smaller trolling motor would work just fine. Since the stern motor would be fixed for docking and you'd be at the bow, I'd suggest some type of hand or foot operated on/off switch for the stern motor. Press it for power, release it and it turns off. Regardless of the power setting on the stern motor you would control the stern by the on/off "pulse" switch, applying the power as needed. Keep in mind, you'd get a faster response with the stern motor at the higher settings.

Some practice would determine what power setting on the stern unit would provide the best control for you.

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Personally, I would practice leeward side docking. Have your fenders in place, and one long line attached to the Bow and stern cleats Sounds like that's the trouble. Approach at a 45° angle to the dock at idle spped, under FW power. As the boat gets close the the dock, about 10-15', take the boat out of FW, and put it in REV while simultaneously turning the steering wheel toward the dock. A small bit of reverse throttle should stop forward momentums, and bring the stern right into the dock. Get out, grab your long line to temporarily secure the boat while you attach and secure proper bow and stern lines.

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

I am losing it. Do not know what is going on in me sometimes.

I will just put a locked sideways stern motor.

I only need a true bow thruster. So that is locked sideways also.

I use the main V8 motor for Foward & Reverse.

If you guys had not got me thinking out of my over difficut box. I would still be thinking remote controls on everything.

Many thanks to all of you for helping me thru this.


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