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  1. this thread brings back lots of not so fond memories of fishing last summer. when i lived in Osaka japan (now in tokyo) the river i went to often had a few snakes, and not so little. average size was about 6 feet, not posionous i was told but thats still keeps you on your toes. another member that lives here in japan warned me of the poisionous snakes and sent me some pics, i appreciatted that! i dont like snakes but being from louisiana ive seen a few different nasty snakes and gators are far worse!
  2. dont get me wrong i love the guy, and hes a part of why i love fishing. just a little clumbsy. yes hes funny and a classic at that!
  3. for every rod you breeak will you donate a new one to me? im mean if te guy had to pay for ghis gear would he be more careful? and yes the trolling motor clip was hella funny!!!!!!!!!
  4. im glad no one mentioned japan, because like myself, everyone would end up frustrated before finding it enjoyable to fish! not that there arent "big bass" but what we call big bass here are maxed at about 32 inches, maybe 8 pounds most! so where would i like to fish, back home in the great ole US, less people, more access, less restrictions, cleaner water, oh and bigger fish, they dont have to be 20 lbs but something over the 12 inch average here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i *** all you guys back home, catch em up!
  5. not to many but varied atleast. LA MS FL TX OK VA AZ OR WA and in Japan, Osaka Shiga, a lake near fuji but i dont remember what prefecture its in, and tokyo (we have prefectures instead of states here so they count right?) id like to try S. Korea, but with all thats going on right now with the missles, no thanks!
  6. heres how i would break down this post: from the bank, c-rigging is a pain in the a**, and it does work, just lobbing that bad boy in most places sucks. drop shot sucks in most situations, again it can be used but to limited rewards jigs too. although finesse jigs work better for some reason from the boat: who am i kidding, it all works from the boat! but larger jigs just dont have a place in my heart. seriously, cranks, t-rigs, spinnerbaits and vibration lures are my comfy-lures and i try to use them when ever possible.
  7. my home water is a tidal river, and a connector canal. are they close, yes, have i recorded the features, above and below water, yes. do i catch when i go, more times than not. is it my favorite? not by a long shot. its merely convienient to fish being onlu a 3 min. walk from the house. there are truly a lack of decent lakes where i am, and transportation, to get to the ones i want to fish. just have to settle for what i have and look forward to the places i plan on going. more important,y look forward to returing to the states where water is more bass friendly, less pressured, less polluted and average size of most of the counrty's fish is greater than 30-40cm. roughly 12-16 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. carolina rigs get my vote, just for awkwardness of casting that bad boy. it works, ive seen it, ive caught fish too, but i just dont stick with it long enough for me to consistantly tie it on a nd call it a comfort technique. tubes come in next, just from lack of trying. i have found ways to use what i have in unothadox ways to catch fish, but the c-rig just isnt one of them and tubes, i hope to make it a discomfort of the past come this summer, when i have time to concentrate on it.
  9. LBH i sent you 2 e-mails one of japanese bass, and one of bass i caught in the states. i dont have any video clips yet, the camera man never shows up on fishing day! not to worry hes a jinx anyway! do it to it!
  10. i fish at a high pace, but i wouldnt call it fast, then id just never catch a fish. but my true handicap is sticking to my confidence lures, ive caught fish with them before, and hope they do it again. id like to try some other lures, but just afraid they might not entice those few and far between fish im targeting.
  11. on a good month about 100, on a bad month about 400 or so, just too many pretty japanese lurs around not to buy! im an addict! i find most of my big money spending is gearing up and getting ready for spring, but since i fish year round i evenly distribute money thoughout the rest of the year!
  12. Kana


    rule 10 quality and quantity, a modifier of RW's dont mix and match rule. good job, on the anthem. but dont all organizations have a "icon" i think we need to makethe bait monkey our icon. its is all too often that we find ourselvers in his mercy and must buy tackle and other items, to gain his praise, keep him happy, and await a good fortune on hte water in return for our offerings! besides, avid allowed the baitmonkey to alter his state of mind, you see subconciously he came up with a name that appeases the monkey as well BAM: Bad A** Monkey
  13. i too fish a tidal river system, although in japan. i have found my best success on slack low tide, when the fish are more concentrated. if i do fish on high tide, i find the fish are more often htan not, roaming, i try not to fish if there is a HEAVY in or out current. in slcak high tide i fish alot of minnows with flash, and sounds. if i see the fish feeding, ill switch to a plastic that is the closest to the baitfish and take my time working it slowly in the general area of the boils. hope this helps, it is a true struggle to fish lakes all your life then be rudely introduced to tidal rivers! doesnt hurt to learn all we can.
  14. cash, baby. but really if i want somethng i just tell my wife about it. it then gives me time t really figure out if its a dire nessisity or not. were open like that, and its awesome, trust is awefully hard to win back after its lost!
  15. there are many retrieves, and everyone works at a differnt time. but i have caught bass of good size casting past a target and retrieving steadily with quick bursts. i also try to make as much contact as possible, be it weed tips, rocks, timber or what have you. they dont work all the time, but when they do its kinda like a senko, no wrong way to use it but more proper techniques will get you bigger, better, and more fish!
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