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  1. I hope you do realise that a tool is worthless if not multi purpose. Just because its designed for one thing doesnt mean it cant excel at another
  2. Braided line on a glass/carbon fiber hybrid rod is nuts
  3. I always seem to have the weirdest hook sets with t rigged lizards...Yesterday i caught a decent 3lber.....but based on the way the lure and line was, im pretty sure this bass sucked it in, the lure went out through its gills, and then it reattacked it. i cant think of any other way for a line to be wrapped in and out like that
  4. Remember that it doesnt always come down to the lure....sometimes its the line, sometimes its a stick......Other times, you realize you never finished tying the palomar as you watch 20 dollars fly 100 ft in 40 ft of water
  5. I got to watch something devour a duckling early in the spawn....i wish i couldve saw the fish but literally an entire chunk of water and a duck just disappeared in half a second
  6. If you make 100 grand a year and have money out the wahzoo to kill, sure. If you make 10 grand a year...well...Hah...hah...hahahaha, "Thats what you call a marketing scam, you couldnt catch last years christmas tree with that thing"
  7. i always end up getting bit on the initial hit, think ive had 1 or 2 retrieve hits this year. But just simply casting and waiting a couple seconds has never failed to produce for me entirely haha
  8. I think he means Finesse fishing can be boring to some, just as fishing cranks/spinners can be annoying to others. Everyone has their preferred styles
  9. I came across this one guy as i was fishing docks one day, hes pulling his pontoon in it to dock it. Apparently this guy hated fishing and those who fished so hes just repeatedly criticizing me with things like "Did you abduct any fish today, murderer" After a minute or so of ignoring him he gets close to me, i let him pass then get his attention by yelling "OH OH GOT ONE" he turns around, looks and me and goes, "So what is it, criminal?" And i just say "Your boat hitting the dock" as he proceeds to ram into a break an entire section. My best day ever fishing to date
  10. Is it stocked? Last year i spent 3 days, about 15 hours, on a pond, to come to find out it hasnt held fish for a good 10 years
  11. i tough it out and push on. I almost never take pills, havent taken any in over 3 years. Plus, im slightly allergic to aleve
  12. "Dinner is on me if you let me fish that pond" haha
  13. Nah i was alone at the time. The scar is there, but about 5 years ago i crashed a bicycle going down a hill at like 35 mph, slammed and slid on my back for a good 25 ft before rolling into a ditch area and slamming into one of those green electric boxes....So you can imagine i wont be getting any tattoos on my back anytime soon
  14. I always tell my story about great fishing spots, i just give them the wrong location. /snicker
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