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  1. Haven't been on here in weeks and weeks with no real desire to, but seeing you post made the trip back 100% worth it. Miss ya buddy.
  2. THEY HAVE TO FEED THEIR FAMILIES!!!!! #meatmaggots
  3. RangerDanger himself speaking on all things disrespectful..........
  4. Its post spawn about everywhere and that has a lot to do with it.
  5. I think Clinton samples just as good as Perry for brown ones really. I have customers ask me all the time if Clinton has a Smallmouth population. It's much better than I think most people think it to be. I can guarantee Clinton would fish better than Melvern right now.
  6. I saw a few brown ones that were weighed in the pics.
  7. The Wipers and Whites were too. My other guides ran three trips on Saturday at Clinton and probably caught well over 200 between the trips. Even customers find it tough to want to do panfish things when those are on fire.
  8. Wolf wolf wolf. Thanks for keeping the whites and Wipers out of the way for my dad and I .
  9. I would recommend Eagle Trailer here in Lawrence. Good guys. Otherwise I know one or two guys have used Croft as well.
  10. Well, that would ruin all the fun and mystique of finding your own fish.
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