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  1. KP Duty's post in Skipping Zorro Short Arm was marked as the answer   
    Love the Zorro short arm- the weed guard gives me the confidence to fish it in brush.  I've pitched it, but haven't tried skipping it.
  2. KP Duty's post in New or DIY ringed hooks was marked as the answer   
    I thought about picking up some of the ringed Gammy EWG's, but I much prefer the G-lock gammy ewg's for the wider gap and better hook point angle/height in relation to the hook eye.  I plan on making my own ringed hooks using the g-lock, just haven't got around to it.  With a ringed hook, I'm thinking a swinghead is a bobber stopper away 
  3. KP Duty's post in Loomis EDGE Rods was marked as the answer   
    Sweet.  I knew you'd approve of the 806.  I think folks (like me) usually order from edge during a sale when they are backed up with orders....hence the longer wait times.  Glad you got them quick....it's encouraging to others thinking of trying them.  
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