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  1. Check your card services online, i know my Citi card has a feature where you can generate a one-time-use card number for online purchases. It ties back to your card, but insulates you from future issues like that.
  2. My local DSG liquidated their whole fishing department. Not a huge loss, it never was really well stocked anyway.
  3. Anyone have a line on any zoom plastics in the sour grape color? Apparently it was a special color for just a distributor or 2, but the brush hog and mag worms in that color worked for me really well last year. No one at my local shops knows when another run is going to be made.
  4. Blah, I just bought a SLX from TW just to try out a modern Shimano. I have a fleet of Daiwa Fuego CTs and could always use a little more Tatula in my life. Must. Stay. Strong.
  5. It’s just one item, but for a big tackle backpack, the Flambeau Portage is a really nice piece. Mine got a good workout before I bought my boat, on sale at Academy for $75. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/flambeau-portage-tackle-backpack
  6. Hard to beat a fury 703 for a rod that can do a lot of stuff. Spinner baits, t rigs, it can make a decent jerk bait setup if you need it to be.
  7. I remember seeing one of the YouTube guys showing his Bass Mafia terminal coffin, he had a piece of felt or tool drawer liner cut to the size of the inside of the lid that he laid down before closing the box to keep things from migrating.
  8. This used to be my thought, then 3 weeks ago buddy and I blew through 5 bags of any dark worm that had glitter in it. Everything we had in the boat. June bug, candy bug, grape and red shad, just as long as it had a lot of sparkle in it. Solid black/blue, red shad, green pumpkin, they wouldn’t touch. Was weird. Doesn’t appear that Dicks/Berkley is reviving their “buy 3 bags of plastics, get one free” deal. That was a sweet deal the last 2 seasons with the Berkley $10 rebate on 4 bags purchased stacked on top, which could be redeemed 4 times total.
  9. Same here. My local DSG removed all of the floor space for fishing and replaced I with expanded kayak racks and gear. My area has several locally owned fishing shops that are top notch and incredibly well stocked, and an Academy, so it is no big loss, except for the random deals and ability to return online order stuff to DSG locally. My local DSG was really oddly stocked too, lots of big surf casting equipment, despite no where to use it without a half day drive. It seemed more like a placeholder. No F&S anywhere around either, so it’s a complete loss in this market.
  10. My local DSG stopped carrying fishing too.
  11. They pull product directly from store shelves. So if store a has 2, they pull those, then store b and c supply the rest. That’s part of the reason their rod shipments suck so bad. They’re pulling a rod from the store display rack that has had all of its packaging removed and trashed for display, then that store has a supply of generic boxes that can ship golf clubs and baseball bats just fine, so that’s what you get, packed by someone who probably was just arranging adidas socks in the women’s soccer department.
  12. The problem with Dicks has been that if you buy the rod on sale, when it arrived broken, the sale was over and either there was no more in stock, or they wouldn’t replace the broken one with another now that the price had gone back up unless my local store had it in stock. (They never did) Only once were there replacements available online and I had to have the cust service rep escalate to her manager or whatever to get me a replacement without me coming out of pocket.
  13. They removed fishing from my local store, and with no ship-to-store option, I wouldn’t buy any rod from them based on my personal track record with them and rods. Wish they would run that big power bait “buy 3 bags, get 1free deal” that had the Berkeley rebate that stacked on top.
  14. It’s a tease. They emailed back a code for 20% off Daiwa. While 20% is cool, it’s not unheard of. The code is “DAIWA”
  15. Man, I was given a bass mafia terminal box for Christmas, I’m still trying to figure out how to load it, and not sure it does anything better than the half height Plano box’s I’ve been using. I have to be doing something wrong cause everyone loves them.
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