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  1. Can’t believe no one put a Ned rig. By far my favorite type of bait to fish. Probably Slim swimz and Ticklerz are my 2 faves. I broke my PB this year on a 1/32 mule jig (mushroom jig head) and a 2in zman grubz all on a light action rod brought in a 6.2lb bass:)
  2. What brand grease do you find works best ? What should I clean the reeL with if it’s been exposed to saltwater? Do you recommend oil or grease on the main shaft for a spinning reel? Have you ever used Corrosion X grease
  3. Have seen a couple posts on servicing reels and was wondering what parts of the reel do you use oil on vs what parts do you use grease on? I fish both saltwater and freshwater and use TSI 321 for oil but hadn’t used grease before and was wondering what grease you recommend. And where to use it. Thanks again for any insight you can provide. @Delaware Valley Tackle
  4. Soooo true, for a company this big to have such a crappy inventory management system is ridiculous
  5. So far much smoother and quieter. I haven’t fully broken it in though
  6. Took the Coastal SV out today and was blown away with how smooth it is and how great it casts. So far I would say it is better than my 2020 SV in every way. If anyone is in the fence I would definitely recommend the Coastal SV
  7. Coastal SV looks great on my champion XP. Wasn’t sure I would like such a bright blue reel but it looks really slick. The reel feels really nice casting a plug around the yard. Definitely pitches nicer than the 2020 SV from my couple yard casts I did
  8. What’s the weight of the Coastal SV spool. I’m surprised that the elite would cast light lures better than a SV spool
  9. Anyone have any experience on the Bellows Gill from Geecrack. Looks really neat
  10. I don’t have any of the Elites so I can’t comment on those. I just really enjoy the ease of casting with the SV spool. It has made learning a baitcaster soooo easy.
  11. Pretty much what most people have said to me about the Tatula Sv is the best $200 or less reel. It was my first reel and made learning baitcasters super easy. I figure the coastal will be similar with better line capacity for about the same price
  12. Could you toss into cover (Lilly pads) with this? Just wondering if it’s a true Heavy power. I find my Bucoo Sr MH more like a Med. Also how sensitive is the rod
  13. Hi all was trying to get some advice on the Falcon lowrider 20 Amistad heavy power rod (older made in USA version). My local tackle shop has one on clearance for $75. Wondering how it fishes and what lures people use on it? Could you throw a s-waver 168 on it. Is it good for pitching flipping frogs, etc. does it has a soft tip? Thanks for any advice.
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