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  1. Good luck! What sort of areas in the lake are you targeting specifically? Just curious
  2. Nice. Caught a few a couple days before Halloween, throwing around a crankbait and a jig close to shore.
  3. Any other fall reports? Been a little busy but looking to get back out on the water...
  4. sucks man What kind of wake bait? Just curious. @Adam Markley
  5. Fished octoraro reservoir tournament two weeks ago, finished 7th out of 30 boats with 6.2 pounds and a 3.1 lb lunker, winning bag was a very solid 11 pounds
  6. More tourney results from Marsh Creek https://gsseagle.proboards.com/thread/4625/tuesday-night-tournaments https://gsseagle.proboards.com/thread/4629/tuesday-night-tournaments Better than expected honestly lol
  7. Don't think so, thankfully! He showed a picture to the boat rental guys, which is how I found out about it. Also, apparently he wasn't fishing that far from the boat rental because they said they heard him screaming when he caught it too haha
  8. Caught two fish around 2 pounds at Green Lane today. Also today at Green Lane, a guy who was fishing some live minnows under a bobber with his kids caught a 9 pound bass!!! Crazy
  9. 3 AM is morning??? ? Gotta step up my game I guess
  10. Not today man! Was just on the water at octoraro for 7 hours, caught some nice fish
  11. And when you look at Nock, octoraro, people are consistently pulling up 12-15lb bags to place in top 3 Marsh is my home lake, so it's a little sad lol
  12. They are up, looks like people aren't doing too well out there though From last week's results: https://gsseagle.proboards.com/thread/4622/tuesday-night-tournaments-2020
  13. They cancelled. May 15. you should check your order status
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