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  1. I use one for a frog rod. I love it. Launches frogs and I seem to have a higher landing percentage with it compared to other rods I've used.
  2. My current jig skipping rod doesn't have a soft enough tip so I'm thinking of replacing it. Anybody use the GLX 804c for skipping? I'm having a hard time finding any info on this rod. Thanks
  3. What did you end getting? I have to warranty one of my St Croixs and need a better punching rod.
  4. Catching some decent ones on the frog this week. South of the metro water temps have been around 75.
  5. Went to Wisconsin for a few days with an old fishing partner. We struggled pretty hard only catching a few brown ones a day. Back home now I went shore fishing yesterday and today. Lots of sunnies on beds and the bass are just inside the weed line. They were blowing up on the frog but couldn't pin any. Caught a couple on a chatterbait that I was popping off the bottom.
  6. Finally got on a few better fish after catching about a thousand dinks this year. South metro lake, 68 water temp. Fish were in pads and under docks and were eating chatterbaits and swimbaits.
  7. Tried a new to me south metro lake today. Water temp only 61. Fish were very shallow and aggressive. Caught most on spinnerbaits and swimbaits near docks and pads. No giants but a very fun day!
  8. I've already canceled one trip. I'll be fishing close to home this year.
  9. Got out again Thursday and finally caught a couple up shallow. Didn't see any beds or damaged tails. 67 water temp and the very start of some green grass. Most fish that I caught were still out off the breaks in 10 fow.
  10. 65 degree water temp south of the metro this morning. Caught a couple 2-3 pounders and a bunch of pike/tigers. Back at it tomorrow. Gonna try some different things.
  11. All of the south metro lakes that I've checked in the last two days are open.
  12. We live on a very small lake south of the metro and our ice out was today. Hopefully the larger lakes will follow soon. Can't wait to get the boat out!
  13. 1/2oz War Eagle bumping off of the grass. Didn't have a scale but was probably a 4.5#
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