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  1. AlabamaSpothunter's post in importing a JDM reel from japan to the US was marked as the answer   
    That's outrageous, here in the US I don't pay any sales tax or duty fees when ordering from Digitaka.   
    23% to the gov't to have the privilege of buying a fishing reel.....again absolutely outrageous!!!!!!
    Send the money to your son and have him order it for you.    
  2. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Would you respool? was marked as the answer   
    100%.....when in doubt replace or retie when it comes to knots or line.
    It's not only for practical reasons, but for mental and confidence reasons....once I have it in my head something is flawed, boom it's cursed.    
    You spend all that time trying to catch the fish of a lifetime, why chance it over a spool of line is the way I see it.   I'm already pot committed though ?
  3. AlabamaSpothunter's post in I'm giving in...best Alabama rig advice please. was marked as the answer   
    This is the easy button for a normal size rig.....and they come with Scottsboro swimbaits which are amazing.   So much bang for your buck, and everything you need in one kit.
    Yum Scottsboro Flash Mob Jr Kits - Tackle Warehouse
    Sometimes however the fish want a finesse A-Rig, and that's when I throw a Picasso Finesse Bait Ball rig
    Picasso Bait Ball Finesse Umbrella Rigs - Tackle Warehouse
    I like the smallest Scottsboro Tackle/Yum or 3.25 Rage Swimmers on Strikeking Squadron Jr heads.
    I run 1/8th and 5 hooks because I'm in Alabama.  
  4. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Coast-kayak-monsoon trip report was marked as the answer   
    Awesome fish, equipment, and report as always friend! 
    Congrats on the new PB!   Weather people have ruined many a day for me, then again I've flirted with lightning and torrential down pours as well.   It's the game we play.  
  5. AlabamaSpothunter's post in A Lizards Reputation was marked as the answer   
    I fish Zoom Mag 8" Lizards extensively at night during the summers.   Perhaps my number one bait.
    My PB and only DD came off a black 8" variety.   
    I'd say both of your conclusions are spot on, but I've never understood why people limit themselves to throwing them only in the Spring.   
    I have dozens of bags of 6" models too.   Besides a 6 or 7" Roboworm, if it's dragging on the bottom, it's gonna be a lizard from me most times.    They just seem to catch bigger fish for me. 
    Colors:  Junebug, Watermelon Red, Greenpumpkin with red flake, black, and my personal favorite Blackgrape.   
  6. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Mega bass deep six 300 hook replacement was marked as the answer   
    I'd contact MegaBass USA customer service first, they are fantastic to deal with. 
    I needed new hooks for 110jr baits, they don't sell them aftermarket so they sent half a dozen for free.   
    They will either tell you the right thing to buy, or send you them as replacement.   Great company. 
  7. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Finding fish in winter…look for bait, structure or bass? was marked as the answer   
    Baitfish on downscan or sidescan.   Then stop and scope.   
    If I had a scope, I'd do exactly what I currently do and motor around with down and sidescan sonar trying to find bait with active predator returns mixed in.     This is as far as I can go without FFS, but if I had it, I would scope the bait, predators, and my presentation and then start dialing in it based on the real time activity and response of the predators on the scope.   
  8. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Floating down the Big T! was marked as the answer   
    Way to go Bob, sounds like an awesome trip.  Beautiful smallies.
    Hate to hear about the rod, stuff happens though as they say.  
  9. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Who's bait? was marked as the answer   
    H20 Express lures, or Academy Sports in house brand IIrc.
    eta:  Yeah @Bluebasser86 confirms it in this thread.  He knows way more than me.
  10. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Pond Observations was marked as the answer   
    Where is this new article Katie, your loyal reader base demands a link! ?
    ETA I found it, I don't check the home page, I'm 4 days late to the party......
    The Perfect Day | The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide® LLC (bassresource.com)
  11. AlabamaSpothunter's post in 2022 TW Black Friday help? was marked as the answer   
    not working for me with zman or damiki stuff.....only getting 20% showing
    ETA:  It's always in the fine print lol 
    **10% Additional Discount on select brands has already been applied and is reflected in current price.
  12. AlabamaSpothunter's post in 11th Annual Redfish Rodeo was marked as the answer   
    Your posts have a level of detail, and organization that makes them very enjoyable to read.   Concise, yet informative.   
    Looks like an awesome time, beautiful fish, and beautiful friends......what more could you ask for in life
  13. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Used baits was marked as the answer   
    For whatever stupid hording reason, I put them in zip loc bags.   Half of them have their bottoms ripped off from small Spots.
    My friends 12 year old son got a worm making kit, so I'm gonna see if I can donate all the old stuff to him so he can melt it down, and if nothing else practice with it.  
  14. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Inland Lake, AL was marked as the answer   
    We've haven't gotten rain in weeks, and I don't see any coming soon.
    As soon as I get new boat on my home lake that is comfortable to fish from for two, you got an invitation anytime to come fish with me.
  15. AlabamaSpothunter's post in Crankbait rod question was marked as the answer   
    Exactly I heard a rod maker describe it perfectly.....anytime you have a moving lure, you need a way to slow down the rod and angler's reaction time in order to allow the fish to suck that bait in.
    One other big reason why glass tips shine on a moving bait rod, the significantly more forgiving tip allows a bait like a squarebill or a chatterbait to "hunt" better, and to bounce off structure. 
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