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Community Answers

  1. Lol, his day job is catching Billfish in the Pacific in an epic battlewagon. Again, this man is blessed 🤣
  2. That's a huge post spawn fish, congrats! Mexico is just different it seems, you are a blessed man!
  3. Thanks, and it seemed to roll north of us. That time of year for folks like us. Look forward to more pics from you brother!
  4. Nice one, once you upload it, and it takes you to this screen......copy and paste the second link.....the direct link
  5. Go to Postimages — free image hosting / image upload Upload picture from your phone or PC, then copy and paste the second link listed when uploaded into a thread. It's that easy! @TnRiver46 is the man who showed me the light
  6. At least he wasn't smacking it's fat belly while making rooting and hog noises like Ben Milliken 🤣 Great writeup, and awesome adventure. That Carp dude is nutty, and cool 😆
  7. Same here with the wind, and fish for 5.5 hours for about 8 fish, lost a few fish. I actually observed Bass spawning for the first time though, a buck and 4-5lb fish are doing the nasty right by where I dock the boat lol. I watched them for about 30mins throughout the day. The Spring and Spawn suck, it's a combo of the fish dropping huge cheatcode bellies, the scattering of them, and really I think the most important thing, the very unstable weather. Water skyrocketed over the last few days and will continue for a several more days, I wouldn't doubt if I see close to 70 tom. Today was the first day I've seen 62+ in a couple weeks. That cold snap dropped it after I think the first big Spawn or two happened. It's so much work to catch fish in the Spring and early Fall. It sucks too because you get the most beautiful days for fishing during those times. One quality today on the Jackhammer/5.5" Spunk Shad...3ish Spot. Those big 5.5" Spunk Shads on a Jackhammer are really effective. Dozen fish including a 5.3 over the last week since stopping the Berkeley Slobberknocker experiment. Got it all on sale, but with two models, and then 4 packs of the Power Stingers, it's like $50 MSRP. You lose some, you win some. I think it's important for me to mention the baits I lose money on because of how much I boast about "magical" baits. For clearer water I still think they might be better than a Jackhammer, or other brandname Chatterbaits. They are right between a beautiful Swimjig, and a Jackhammer if that makes sense. Finally, getting more and more action on the buzzbait, and the Shimano produced the first fish of the day.
  8. You're gonna crush those Spots on that Shimano brother, they can't say no. Great looking fish as well!
  9. Took a major gamble from the looks of it, and it failed spectacularly, that's fishing. Not a shocker to me that a SM bag is crushing the field. Overall I continue to wish they put Classics on big fish factories, I get the other side of the argument, but this isn't an exciting show thus far.
  10. Wouldn't mine seeing Ito or a Japanese angler win it. Love the respect and class they bring to the sport. Dudes are fishing with Banjos and pretty smiles in the background 🤣
  11. Fishing in front of an audience isn't easy, can't imagine doing it in the Classic. They are used to it I'm sure, but still.
  12. Haha, that's freaking awesome. By Sunday they'll all be discussing their new stalker 🤣
  13. Lol, Gust has 18lb, 2nd place has 9lbs.......that's what I'd call finding the fish looks like. Crazy how one guy figured it out, there is always somebody.
  14. 3.25s are dynamite on a finesse or downsized A-Rig
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