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  1. This is a great idea...may look into this so it saves me trying to plan with a buddy for drop-off and pick-up duties with two vehicles!
  2. You guys are slowly, but surely, convincing me...lol From what I hear, the only difference between JDM and US Zillion is that US has a larger handle and a brass gear? It's a bit odd that it's at least $100 difference between the two despite being nearly identical.
  3. Mostly size, but there are a few other things too. Daiwa should really work on their naming convention... From my understanding, the Tatula SV (Models TASV103) is the 2017 model that continued to stay in production after the 2020 model. It is built on a slightly bigger frame (maybe 150 size as JediAmoeba mentioned). But is also uses the traditional brake adjustment knob (instead of the "zero adjust" on the newer models) and utilizes anodized, color-coded accents to help identify each version by its gear ratio (red, gold, purple). Because it is on a different frame, the IPT will vary slightly as well despite identical gear ratios from the SV TW103. Similarly, the Coastal TW differs from the Coastal SV TW 150 in a similar manner as well with the following differences: a 200 size spool, 7CRBB + 1, EVA round ball knobs handles, and also utilizes the traditional brake adjustment knob.
  4. Hoping someone familiar with these models can clarify some things for me. I'm still learning the Daiwa brand...but these two seem fairly similar to me so I wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything. For reference, I am comparing the Coastal SV TW 150 to the Tatula SV TW103 released in 2020 (Model TTUSV103 not the TASV103 which I believe are the 2017 models). From my understanding, both these reels are based on the Tatula 100 frame and share the following features: 7(2CRBB) 5BB + 1 T-Wing System Magnetic Braking System Aluminum Body Zero Adjuster With that said, I believe the following are the only difference between the Coastal SV TW 150 to the SV TW103: 100mm Handle (compared to 90mm handle) 150 size Spool (compared to 100 size spool) Blue Finish (compared to the bluish-black finish) Thanks for any feedback/confirmation on this!
  5. Lmao. You know...after a decade of so doing this together. It really is a rarity! I don't think we know one couple that does tandem anything since their initial attempt besides us. To be fair, when my wife and I first started...there were some spats as well. We did even sink a canoe or two during that time... Cbump mostly covered the reasons. After trying several over the years, we've gravitated more towards kayaks than canoes personally as well. Honestly, if not kayaks, I would be open to a jon boat but at that point, you start getting into boat talks in general. Due to the winter seasons here, the lakes gets huge recreational boat traffic when the water is not hard. As such, kayaks made it a lot quicker and easier for us to just enter in without dealing with the ramps. Ha! You know what, I'm going to look into that...but that 17'--geez! My running joke with the wife is "Hey, you sure you don't want to just go solo?" so I can get a Pro Angler 14 with the 360 drive. Thanks for the write-up! I have a few buddies with the Old Town PDLs and they love them. If it was a solo kayaker consideration, it certainly would've been on my list to look at. I don't know if they'll ever get there soon due to the limited tandem market, but I think an Oasis with the newer 360 drive may just work. There is a hidden benefit for my situation though. Sometimes my wife just like to read while on the water but don't mind helping position the kayak when I'm fishing--built-in Spot Lock! 🤣
  6. I was quite surprised as I'm familiar with Midway for firearms purchases; but never had thought about fishing equipment until recently. To my surprise, every rod I've purchased has been well packaged (bubble wrap/packaging material inside tubes...and sometimes tubes are even inside boxes!). I've had 100% damage-free experiences with them so far. My experiences with Amazon and Walmart on the other hand...I think I've received more broken rods than in-tact ones.
  7. Looking for some suggestions/recommendations for pedal-powered tandem kayaks for fishing. Wife and I have been doing tandem fishing in the Crescent Crew kayak for a few years now, but we're looking into upgrading in the future with pedals and she prefer the tandem layout if possible. This narrows down the options a bit, but what comes to mind for me was the Hobie Mirage Compass Duo / Mirage Oasis; but I'm sure there are probably a few more options out there. So I figured I'd post on here in case anyone has knowledge/experience in this area. We typically just use it for lake fishing with the occasional river adventure. We try to minimal, but generally still carry 4-5 rods between us! I imagine minimizing the paddle needs would be a big quality of life upgrade in this area though.
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