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  1. If my only goal was to catch Quaility size bass and not quantity, what is your best advice?? my PB is 4lb. 14oz. are the particular baits and styles or techniques you would recommend?? are there certain times of day or night yih would recommend?? are there certain time of year you would recommend?? in other words if i was trophy hunting, what is your best advice?? Pleasekeep in mind, i fish in PA, NJ, DE freshwater. if that helps.
  2. I dont, just curious. Wanted to see if the spools are interchangeable
  3. How about the Steez CT or the steez A or A ii i imagine these spools are not interchangeable? Anyjne know if they can be interchanged! if they fit, any issue in using them?
  4. So it doesn’t have to be for finesse stuff? can also be used for heavier applications?
  5. I have a steez SV limited in 8 gear ratio but it has a shallow spool. I also have the same reel in 7 gear. I swapped the spools and it looks like they interchangeable. Is there any issue with doing so?
  6. Does anyone have any experience with these 2 rods? They appear to be very similar. I find it interesting Megabass lists the Mark 56 as stronger 7.5 power and an XXheavy rod rated to 3.5oz, whereas the 7power Xheavy TB is rated up to 4oz. Any thoughts on these and how they compare? F7.5-76X Mark 56 - Semi parabolic rod for Magdrafts, glides, and large hard baits. XXHeavy, Mod-Fast, 3/4-3.5oz, 15-30lb F7-70X Tequila Baccarac - All around heavy bait rod, swimbaits, frogs, A-rigs! 7' Ex-Heavy, regular taper, 12-30lb, 3/4-4oz
  7. I have not seen any feedback in regards to how these 2 reels compare. Curious to read and listen and learn from those who have any real world experience or insight.
  8. Anyone use this combo for weightless senko fishing or very light Texas Rig? I have a Steez CT and NRX but havent been able to try them together. My concern is that the Steez CT would be to finessy for this type of use With that said, what do you think would be the Steez CT's upper limit in terms of applications or lure weight?
  9. So here are some pics of the 3 models I weighed them as well, lightest to heaviest is as followsz 1) lightest is the SV lite 2) alphas air TW 3) SS Air also interesting fact - the SS air is just slightly heavier than a Steez CT SV Would love to hear some thoughts on how these compare and where you would use each.
  10. Thank you! if there was a limit regarding the lure weight in oz for each reel, what would you estimate that upper limit to be for each one??
  11. Curious how these reels compare. They are similar in size and weight, not sure whats the difference is in real world. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Anyone have any experience with these rods? specificall the 2 piece rods? BP-C70M+ST: 7' Medium Solid Tip (2 piece) / BPM Casting Rods
  13. So looking for thoughts and opinions on what makes the best truck rod combo. The idea is that this rod/reel combo will be kep in the truck at all times at the ready. the options are as follows 1) Short Single piece combo. advantage is always ready, no fuss. Con is the space it takes up. looking at the short Megabass P5 destroyers. 2) Telescoping Rod/reel combo - pro is the extremely compact footprint, disadvantage is the alignment of guides and the inherent lack of congruence with a multi piece travel rod. looking at the daiwa BBB series rods. 3) Travel Rod, available as 2 or 3 piece breakdown. advantage is the strength and convenience. disadvantage is that it provides advantage compared the the 2 above. any thoughts??? what is your truck rod - always ready what am i missing?
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