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  1. Thank you guys, not sure if i want to be in the 800$ range. Was definitely considering the taula Elite which is about 300$ right now. But the ones you guys suggested look beautiful
  2. Good morning, guys! I'm having trouble picking out a suitable reel for my newly purchased St croix legend extreme 6'10 medium extra fast, ill be using it for primarily wacky rigs, drop shot, some smaller finesse stuff. All of my casting reels are Daiwa and am having an issue deciding on a reel for the new rod. Let me know thanks!
  3. Had a fun mail day yesterday. The deps evoke is one hell of a lure @$50 its expensive but an engineering masterpiece.
  4. My brother and i were out on saturday, i was using a vision 110 jr and he was using a rapala jerk and i was getting all the monster smallies and he was getting the dinks. it was a beautiful day!
  5. excellent! i was looking for a megabass super destoryer on sale but couldnt find one. Thank you though!
  6. Good morning, Bass Resource, My brother has an upcoming birthday and he's a sucker for limited run or limited color gear. Price range no more than 200$. He's a hardcore bass fisherman. I know he loves anything Megabass go figure and i was curious if you guys could recommend anything that would be an awesome gift. Much appreciated any info in advance. Thanks!
  7. do they offer replacement tails for these? Thinking i may need to pick me up one! So cool!
  8. Thats strange, i ordered 3 of their PoP x's and the 15% came off, i did it through my email.
  9. i noticed the only place the megabass stuff was on sale was the 15% off at TW. Everywhere else is excluded.
  10. i had to jump on the baitwrx sale, thats to good to pass up!
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