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For Those New To Shore Fishing Lakes!

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Hey my names Christopher I am 17 and i have been fishing off the shores of Lake Lanier for as long as I can remember and I am here to give you a very useful tip as to how to master this type of fishing when fishing for bass.

1st off- Trust your rubber lizards! Notice I said lizards, not worms. Thats right lizards, go out buy you a pack of Zoom 4 inch mini lizards in your favorite flavor and rig it up as if it was a worm, adding a bead to attract attention in murky waters.

2nd off- CAST CLOSE TO THE SHORE LINE AND UNDER DOCKS. Casting diagonally along the shoreline will allow you to reel the lure down the edge of the water about 5-6 feet out for this is where the majority of your Bass will be in smaller lakes. Also use docks to your advantage I mean sure you cant go on them but you sure can cast beside them! Docks are amazingly prosperous fishing grounds providing shelter for fish, be confident nearly every dock will have a Bass who controls that area under it cast several times on all side as to lure the Bass out before giving in and moving on.

3rd off- REAL SLOWLY. The more time you let your lure sink and sit and sink and sit and sink and sit the more time it will spend in the water, don't rush fishing is a game of cat and mouse between you and that trophy Bass, don't let him wait you out and win the game.

Always remember weather its a serious day on the lake or just a few moments near the water to get your hook wet and ease your mind, enjoy it and have fun!

-Christopher W.

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Sorry guys,I posted in the wrong place with previous post.

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Good to see another Georgia fisherman on here. Scan through alot of the info on here, there is more knowledge stored up here than one person could possibly read in years, much less absorb.


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i know you posted to the wrong forum, but good advice. this shore fisherman agrees!

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Thanks you guys, good to find this site I was looking for help but to help others too.

Sorry about the wrong forum post haven't figured this all out quite yet!

And yes Georgia is where the fishing is at for sure!

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