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Cumara Ml Spinning...any Thoughts?

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Looking for input from someone who may own the 7'2" ML Cumara Spinning. found it at a good price, and I'm intrigued. I like light tackle, but not TOO light to land 4 and 5 pounders.

Also, I have 2 Cumara baitcasters and love them, for reference

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Dude, I´ve landed a big bunch of 4-8 lb fish with lighter than an ML rod, actually I´ve landed them with UL rods, as long as you have a really smooth drag reel, line in perfect condition, room and the patience to fight a large fish with hair thin line and a wet noodle for a rod it can be done.

Can´t comment on the Cumara, I don´t own one, but I own a GraphiteLeader Bosco ML and it´s one of my favorite rods, the lack of stiffness also gives many baits a killer action you don´t get with a more powerful rod.

There´s pne thing you want to remember when fishing with lighter rods, you need to use razor sharp hooks, skin hook baits like soft plastics and you can´t do cross their eyes hooksets, the way you set the hook is by maintaing constant pressure with the rod, added to the sharpness of the hook the fish will hook itself.

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