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A Goodun' And A Biggun'

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Today's tackle was the NorthStar Original Swim Jig (bluegill) with a Rage Tail Shellcracker trailer.

Arrived at a local pond a few minutes before sun-up, then hauled nothin' but water for twenty minutes

or so. First bite was viscious and the fish acted like something twice her weight. This was the goodun',

+/- 4 lbs.


Another half hour goes by with nothing as I approach the main culvert. First cast is in shallow and

nobody's home. Second cast is out about 15 yards, parallel to the bank. As the lure pasted over a

rock hump defining the outlet channel, BOOM!


Fish on!


The fat girl was heavy when I turned her towards me. Rather than running to the middle, she made

a beeline along the first ledge away from the bank, but towards me. Then she jumped...


The fight was strong, but relatively short. This biggun' was returned to the water quickly and safely.

Although we do tend to have repeats on this pond, I don't think I have ever caught this particular

bass. This was a healthy fish with a dark green back.


As I was leaving I made one last cast at some baitfish right next to shore. The bass chasing the bluegill

was not all that much, but watching her wake as she attacked by jig was VERY exciting! That's was it,

time to go.





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A picture is worth a thousand words.

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RW no pic?? It's funny, you make it sound like you know all the fish in your fishing spot and the fish you caught was a new stranger in town. LOL. Culverts are excellent places to fish this time of year. I caught a bass nearly weighing 7lbs in culvert yesterday evening.

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Where the pics and how much you think the biggun weighed?

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