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I Am Irritated!!!

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I have had a package arrive at the FACILITY which is about 10 miles from my house. It arrived there Last Tuesday, 2-18, and package tracking says it's "OUT FOR DELIVERY". The irritating part is, it's been out for delivery since 2-19, Last Wednesday. It is in the hands of ****EX. I have contacted the "BIG A", That's where I bought it. Absolutly no help at all. I have contacted ***EX, they say Tomorrow, 2-25.

It gets worse, it was multiple items, all the same thing, just 5 of them, "reel covers", Free shipping, OKAY! They broke it up into 3 shipments,

and now want to give me the first shipment free, and charge me for the other 2. I screemed NO WAY!! So they removed the shipping charge.

But, here I am , now everything is out for delivery, but I still have "NOTHING!!".






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Ask for a complete refund and buy them else where. Explain that you want a refund purely from the shipping costs they're pushing onto you.  Most likely they'll cave and waive the shipping but for them to send in 3 packages is stupid. 

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I hope you can get this worked out soon, but airing your complaint here doesn't do you much good.

From FAQs:


I have a dispute with 'company X'. Can I post about it here?
While we can empathize with your frustration, the best course of action is deal directly with the company. Escalate it up the ladder, file a grievance with PayPal or Ebay (if they were involved with the transaction). File a mail fraud complaint with the post office. There are other options, but attacking the company in a public forum is not appropriate nor allowed. Such posts will be removed.

Good luck. This thread is closed.



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