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Spin Cast For Kids

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I'm looking into getting my daughter a real spin cast set up so she can get away from the Disney Princess deal she has now. I figure it would be much easier to learn to cast on a real rod/reel than the one she has now.

I'm looking at this rod


But need suggestions for a reel. I would even get a combo if it's worth it. I'm looking at ffo-tackle and bass pros offerings.

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I started my 6-year-old off with a Buzz Lightyear when he was 4.


It didn't hold up well, so when he was five I bought him a Zebco Dock Demon Spincast.  The rod is fiberglass and tough.


After he cast that well, I got him a spinning setup Dock Demon.  Same rod and the reel is decent.  He can use it well.


The first Dock Demon now wears a Quantum Lite reel that nobody here claimed (see http://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishing-forums/topic/144562-wtg-pay-it-forward-quantum-lite-ql50a-or-i-need-to-clean-the-grout/ )  He's practicing in the yard with it, and I'm slowly turning the brakes tension off.  He's actually managed to not tangle it.  I'm impressed!


He uses the spinning reel for fishing.  He prefers artificial lures, and since these rods are fiberglass with no real backbone, I let him throw a wide range of lures. 


I relate this because I felt limited as a 10- 11- and 12-year-old as it was common wisdom at the time that kids should use spincasts.  My first ultralight was a spincast, but by choice, a little Zebco combo.  First the rod was replaced after I broke the tip (my first graphite rod) and then, later, I replaced the reel with a small Plueger spinning reel.  So I guess it's a whole new setup descended from the original combo.


Man, I caught everything on that rod, and later, on the 5000 baitcast Dad gave me after getting a low-profile (for the time) Quantum 1310.


That Zebco underspin and the 5000 influenced my choices in rods and reels to this day and I still make extensive use of old Ambassadeur models as well as the newer ones.


Point is, use the most advanced setup your child can handle, and if she wants to throw artificials now and again, let her!  It helps with boredom when fish aren't biting.


Those are my suggestions.  More than you asked for, but there it is.





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My kid has a Daiwa Silvercast paired to one of my old Berkley Lightning 5´6" rods. The reel cost me 30 dollars if I remember correctly, it´s smooth, doesn´t twist the line like crazy, the handle is reversible, the drag is good ( for a spincaster ) and it´s easy to operate.

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Thanks for the replies, guys.

I should have mentioned that she's 3 and just over 3ft so a shorter rod would be preferred for ease of casting and reducing the chances of me getting whacked.

She gets the casting aspect but her Disney combo isn't much good for anything other than playing games with the cats.

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Get the ladies edition Zebco 33. Proven reel, plus it's pink, which is always a plus when you have a little fishing princess :)

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