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Feeling Stale

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Since the end of fall, I haven't really looked at anything fishing related and sort of just put everything away without paying to much attention.  I know my tackle is all mis-matched and lacking because of loosing a lot of it and using it.  


I need some ideas on what to pick up before spring is here, and I am generally a finesse fisherman because that's what works for me up here.  Give me some ideas regarding soft and hard baits to try, terminal tackle, or whatever, for both LMB and SMB. 


I basically start fresh every year and id appreciate the feedback.

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Jerkbaits from Lucky Craft
Drop shot soft plastics from Roboworm and Jackall hooks and weights too
Senkos, flukes, and caffeine shads and 4/0 EWG hooks
Jackall flickshakes and wacky jigheads
3/8 oz finesse swim jig or bullet head styles from Siebert
Finesse jigs or hair jigs
Few spinnerbaits or chatterbaits if needed
Topwaters and cranks if needed

This should be a solid start.

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"Feeling Stale" ~


 I know the feeling - It happens, don't get bummed out about it.  You'll get over it in time, and only you'll know when that is. 


I'm not willing or able to go to new waters that are further away than I already travel. 

So when it's happened to me, I try to come up with a way to make the places I already fish feel "New" again.  Because New is always exciting and comes with the anticipation of promise which can turn the whole deal around.


Here's a couple of Ideas to jump start the fire.


You mentioned you fish quite a bit of finesse - so switch it up.

 If there's one bait that can account for better fish is many situations, it's a jig.  Commit to it.  Fish a jig exclusively.  And I'm not talking about having one tied on and making a few casts.  I'm saying  - all day every day.     With all the variations in weights, types, head & trailers - you can definitely find the ones that work for you in the areas you fish.   You'll wreck them.


Lastly, the simplest & best advice I give anyone who will listen, is to tell them to fish the same lakes they like and know well but to do it At NIGHT.  If you've never done it, there's a learning curve but there is no doubt, It's a Game Changer.   So many things are placed in your favor at night; less fishing pressure, usually better wind & weather conditions, and moving baits tend to work.  But best of all - the bass are way more cooperative.


Give it a try - and I see at least one (if not more) PB's in your future. 

Good Luck






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Best "new to me" in 2014


Rage Structure Bug Jika Rigged, Rage Rigged and as a trailer for Chatterbait type blades


Cut-R T-rigged (bullet weight) and as a trailer on the Rage Blade (no skirt)


Siebert Outdoors and NorthStar Swim Jigs with a Menace or Shellcracker trailer


MegaStrike MegaTube Craw on a ShakE2

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If you don't use rage products your missing out.

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TW has a feature where you can search "best sellers" and usually you will find that Keitechs, Strike king baits, and the most used stuff by the hardcore bass fisherman..However, buying baits is alot of fun, right now I can't believe how many quality baits are in clearance bins, I think their is too much good stuff on the market, I mean Rage Cut'r worms, Damiki products, Trigger x, RC square bills and damiki air frogs were just a few...and kvd terminal tackle was marked way down??

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