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Zach P

Gopro Editing Software

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I just bought a GoPro and have recorded quite a bit of video footage already, but I have yet to edit it and truly form videos. Does anyone on here use anything other than the GoPro software for editing their footage? I assume that answer is yes but want to get some opinions on what video editing software you use. 



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From what I hear there are some pretty nice programs out there to edit videos that can be purchased fairly cheap. I have yet to buy these yet, and I use both the GoPro software and also Microsoft Movie Maker. Both are free and seem to take care of my needs for now. It would be nicer to only need to use one but there are certain things you can do in one and not the other and vise versa. 

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Before GoPro released their own software, I used Final Cut Pro and iMovie. I am pretty good with computers, but Final Cut Pro was a little too advanced and complicated for what I was trying to do.  There are plenty of good tutorials out there, but it didn't seem worth it for basic video editing. 


iMovie/Microsoft Movie Maker was more up my alley.  Very easy to piece clips together and add goofy intros and whatnot.


However, once the GoPro software came out, I only use that.  


There is an Australian surfer brah, who is mute, that has a great channel on Youtube. Yes, that is a true statement, check out 'MicBergsma'. He has some good videos on how to take full advantage of GoPro's software.


Hope this helps.

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Long before I had a gopro, I used sony vegas...like version 4 or 5, that's a long time ago.

With gopro software, I really don't need anything else. Tons of features for just about everyone. Plenty of tutorials on youtube to get those effects and transitions you look for. And for free...

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