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Article On Lure Color

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Red turns grey because the red light is absorbed , then orange , yellow...    


If white reflects all light but all color   is absorbed except blue at a certain depth. Will white then appear blue at that depth ? 

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So then what about light brown or pumpkinseed.  It reflects all the primary colors. If red is filtered out but not blue and yellow then does pumpkinseed then turn green then eventually blue as it goes deeper .



I found this article that actually lower colors in the water , including florescent's .



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Look at Pumpkinseed closer. Using this color mixing tool add all the primary and secondary colors together it creates brown.Colors disappear in this order . Red , orange , yellow ,green, violet , blue  http://trycolors.com/


Remove the red and it turns greenish. Pumpkinseed should turn green at this depth.


Remove the orange its still greenish .


Remove the yellow its blue


Remove the green its violet


Remove the violet and of course its blue



So I think this is how pumpkinseed would change color in water. Am I right or wrong ?

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