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Larry Dahlberg's Mr. Wiggly

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One of my favorite shows is "Hunt for Big Fish" with Larry Dahlberg. On one of his episodes he demonstrated how to make "Mr. Wiggly", one of his favorite lures. Does anyone know where I can find this online? I've looked everywhere I can think.

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Hey, I saw that episode too a while back. Was great, had it DVR'd and went back and wrote down how he made Mr. Wiggly. Here is what I have:

Model makers wax used to create form of Mr. Wiggly. Warm in the microwave to make a little easier to shape. Leave a high spot in the back that will be used as the pour hole.

Mix RTV at room temperature for vulcanization - part A and B - mixed about 10:1.

Glue gun to attach "box" sides to glass or other slick surface.

Pour RTV in form, this will be the bottom of the mold. Let set just a little then place alignment pins and Mr. Wiggly in RTV.

Sprinkle in mold release powder (found at hobby and craft stores) over bottom mold and Mr. Wiggly.

Pour in RTV for top of mold leaving high spot on back exposed for pouring hole.

After sets up and dries ~8-10 hrs, remove Mr. Wiggly form and ready for pouring.

Mix Plastisol - warm in the microwave for better mixing and pour into mold.

Here is what I had from that same episode for making big spinner blades from large table spoons:

Use 5-minute (or slower) to create spinner blades. Use spoon, put wax (turtle wax)on the inside and fill with epoxy

Flashabou mirage cutout and inserted in the epoxy. Drill out hole.

I love his show as well.


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I just did a search and found a post from Larry on his site saying:

Re: Mr. Wiggles

Postby dahlberg on Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:30 pm

I'll have a video on the site with instructions for Mr Whiggley type lures, and others in a month or so and will be offering the chemicals I use to make molds etc. on the site within a week or so.



Larry Dahlberg

The Hunt For Big Fish

Now I'm curious as to what it is.  Anyone have a pic or a good description?

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It looks like a BIG banjo minnow.

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Anybody got a pic they can post or maybe a link?

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