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Crankbait Hooks

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I have always been skeptical about my discernment in changing and upgrading my treble hooks on my crankbaits.  I know a lot of people have a lot of different preferences dealing with length of shank and size and all, but I was just wondering what those preferences are in relation to size of crankbait and bill and desired depth. 

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Many of today's quality baits come with very good trebles but some do not.  


I have become such a big fan of the Mustad KVD Elite treble 1x strong ~ 2X short.


The confidence I now have when fishing baits rigged with these hooks has spawned a total resurgence in my crank bait fishing.


As for size, where suspending a bait is not a concern, when replace stockers I almost always up size the front treble by at least one size using the same size on the rear.  Other times I bump them both up by one size.


These hooks really shine fishing squarebills in cover or rattle baits in grass.  Both presentations often require a stout set up to move hooked fish with authority, these hooks can handle that with ease.



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The lure manufacturer puts the treble hook the lure is designed to have the action with. Changing size is usually not recommended, use the same size. If you change the size up one size, start by changing only the front hook, that is usually the center of the wiggle point and doesn't affect the action as much as changing the rear hook up one size.

The treble hook shape comes in round bend with a wider gap, shorter shank or standard treble hook with standard bend and shank length. I personally don't like round wide gap treble hooks on deep diving crankbaits and stay with replacement hooks similar style, size with sharper stronger wire.

The theory to use round bend wide gap hooks when bass are slapping at he lure in lieu of eating it produces higher % hook ups maybe true, but I don't change hooks based on how the bass are striking at the moment, prefer to use hooks that stick the bass good regardless how they strike the lure by using premium sharp stronger trebles like Owner STX-58.

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