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New Cranking Setup- Opinions?

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Hey y'all,


New on here. Looking for a new cranking rig. Currently between the *** Black Gen 2 or the Dobyns Fury. Usually have my mind set immediately but I'm at a lost. The new 13's look amazing. The Denali Koverts also interest me. Any advice?



I'm leaning towards the new Lew's Tournaument Lite Speed Spool as I have a significant discount with them. Has anyone seen/felt these yet?  Any feedback?

I appreciate it.

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I'm excited about the 13's as well. If the first gen is any indication, go with one. In fact, if they end up clearancing the 1st gens, I'd pick up one because I feel they're competitive beyond their price point even now.

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Im looking at the 2 piece Gen 2 for *** blacks as well but pairing it with the new lews magnesium reel. I think that would be an amazing combo. The gen 2 are now available for order!


The other option was the touranment lite speed spool as well. And yes they are amazing reels that hasn't been talked about as much. 

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