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Ever Order From Fishing Castle?

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It is a company in Indonesia.  Very good prices.  Looking at the Pinnacle DHC5-701CAMCB at less than $95 before shipping.  My main concern is that shipping will negate the stellar price.  Anyone with experience buying from them?  Could always add another rod if they would ship it without adding more to the shipping cost.  Lots of places want to charge shipping for each item ordered even though they ship in the same box.  (Not talking just fishing here.)  Bigger profit for them.


Price of the Pinnacle Optimus Xi is about 50% of what it normally sells for.  Would love to have one after using my Primmus.  Similar prices on other reels such as the President and Supreme XT spinning reels.  Thanks.

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They have a min. quant. to purchase on a lot of their products. I looked at several reels that would interest me and the smallest quant. I could order was 15. I did see the Shimano CI4 Stradic at $105 and you could order just one, my estimated shipping was $19. So a new Stradic at $125 is a super deal. Didn't proceed to see what they accepted for payment. They have been in business since 2008. Brian.

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They certainly have incredible prices, almost TOO incredible. I get a bit antsy buying some things from the Asia region with so many reported counterfeit items. However, they take PayPal, so if you got something other than you were expecting they usually help you out or refund your money. Happened to me on a few things before

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