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Slither rig

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So I saw this thing in a BPS magazine awhile back and they advertised it as a punch rig and only offered 3/4 and 1oz. Then last night I was watching the classic on lake texoma and some guys are using it for flipping like a jig. Of course I see the similarities but wondered if there were any advantages to this? The one thing I thought would be bass hitting the rig instead of the lure when there not together. Anybody use this rig?

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Yes ~  and for years before The Slither rig ~


Rig A.jpg Components.jpg

Here's the rig, from the main line to the hook:

-A Bobber Stop 

- A 1/2 oz tungsten weight (or whatever you want)

- a Boss Punch Hub - this is placed inside the skirt collar

- The skirt of your choice

- A parasite clip (optional, but does help prevent the plastic from sliding down the hook)

- A 5/0 Owner wide gap plus EWG hook (#5139 - very stout, I love this hook)

- Your favorite soft plastic - pictured is a Power Bait Beast



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It comes through the nasty stuff better than a jig. I like it better for flipping cedars and bushes with lots of limbs or grass. It's more streamlined so it does like the names says and slithers through the stuff easier. Since you can choose your own hook you can adjust it to the trailer size/type and also adjust your bait size/profile to what the fish want easier than you can with a jig that has a fixed hook. 

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