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self loading car rack ?

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I have a honda civic and i wanted to get a sportspal canoe. The 14ft version that i want weighs 58 pounds which isn't a lot but it being so long and me not being the biggest guy in the world, it would be more difficult to load it by myself. 

I was looking at those self loading car racks, like yakima with the bar boat loading car extension like in this vid:


I like this setup but that yakima car rack and extension will probably run 500 bucks, which is a bit ridiculous for a car rack.

Are there any cheaper options ? 

Something i wont mess up my car loading ?


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Cabela's sells a pivoting thingy that goes in a rear mounted hitch.

It works.

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I have a 16ft sportspal. When I was driving a scion tC I would use a moving blanket laid on top. I would put the blanket on the car, put one end of the canoe on the car, and slide it all the way on. Then just lift a side at a time and slip my foam blocks in place while pushing the blanket out of the way. Remove the blanket once all the foam blocks are in place and then toss it in the car. The foam block kit was a yakima set for around $60. Moving blanket runs about $20.

If you have a rack already, you can still use the blanket to keep the canoe from scratching the car while pushing the canoe up and on.

I now have a subaru outback and I put a hitch and reese tower power canoe loader on. The canoe loader works well and I picked it up on amazon for $57 when they had a deal on them.

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