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Community Answers

  1. There's no evidence on the WIDNR webpage for this lake that this is happening. It looks like there's a local or a few of them spreading a rumor that's inaccurate.
  2. FWIW, I've been fishing the lake in question for at least a couple decades...I've never caught a walleye there...bu I never fish for them either... I've caught a lot of bass, and used to catch a ton of pike, but the pike have fallen off in recent years.
  3. Looking the lake in question up; there is no DNR regulation about catching and keeping bass without a size limit. ...so we can report anyone we see doing that, and spread the word that the rumor is inaccurate. I think getting the DNR involved might be a good idea as well.
  4. I live near the Chippewa River; I sent you a message about which lake it is. ...there's a chance that if we make enough noise, they'll back off their plan.
  5. Sweet! Big girls are still shallow, get out there and take advantage of it!
  6. Thanks for tagging me, I seldom check this post. What great fun!
  7. They were both 43" +. I didn’t weigh them. I know. That's why I mentioned pike first, then muskies as an add on.
  8. I used to believe that until I caught two really big pike in the same spot in less than 15 minutes. It happens with muskies all the time.
  9. Not schooling, but not lone wolves either. I have seen bays in Canada with a dozen pike in them.
  10. ...and the guy who caught it is doing a vertical hold... "It swam away fine!" 🙄
  11. Have there been any changes to the modern (2024) version of this reel?
  12. It worked well. Swims great, kicks hard on the pause. Something will eat it...
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