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Boiling plastic worms

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I have a hundred pack of Manns Jelly Worms  that are a lot harder than normal . " Got them cheap " .I mean they are hard enough that I think hooksets would be difficult with them . Must have been an error in the formula with this bunch ..I have heard that you can put them in hot water and that will soften them up . Any of you have any experience doing this ? I wonder how long they will stay soft  ?

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Injection molded soft plastic can get over heated during the molding process causing the plastic to stiffen. Re heating the plastic and letting it cool is a annealing process that works.

Boiling water in a large pan, take the pan off the heat and put in about 20 worms, let sit for a few minutes, then take the out of the hot water and lay straight on a flat surface like a cutting board to cool. The worms should be softer and straight after annealing for years. 

Store the worms laying straight in zip lock bags with a few drops of glycerin and pure anise oil.


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I did it too twenty of them . Experimented with one worm first . I got the water boiling , then removed the pot from the heat and dropped in a worm for ten seconds . No change . I had to keep the worms in it for a full minute to get them where they where suppose to be . 


These were 6 inch Jelly Worms in Harry's favorite flavor .  Scuppernong

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