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Sam Martin

Fishing weather questions

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I'm trying to understand how the weather affects the bass and how to determine what technique or lures I need to use. I live in north texas so hot summer day are constant and I like to fish on my lunch break since I'm within a stones throw of lake Lewisville and there is a pond really close too, but I mainly go at sunrise and sun set. I'm new to this I'm starting to take my fishing more serious rather than just going in blind. How much do you invest in the fishing forecast and how does the moon phase determine how the fish will behave?? I know that with the ocean and rivers the tide is affected but how does it relate to lakes and ponds? What should I be looking for when I look at the daily weather forecast? Barometric pressures? Temp? Cold fronts or storms?? Thanks for the help and advice!!!  

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I pay no attention to moon phase what so ever unless night fishing . . I find cloudy days tend to have a better shallow bite than sunny days but not always . When I fish from the bank , I carry a medium action baitcaster and a few lures within its weight limits . Most of the time they will be sinking lures rather than diving lures . That way I can cast to various depths and fish tight to the bottom during the entire retrieve .  There is no secret . Just make a lot of cast let the lures sink and vary the retrieve . If you happen to find a snag , fish it with a texas rig or jig .

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Fish whenever you can. Stay off the water when thunder and lightning are present. Fronts can effect fishing in a negative way, but sometimes they bite when they shouldn't and sometimes, they don't bite when they should. I went musky fishing early this week. It was a beautiful, cool, clear day to be outside. But, for muskies, it was a day when they normally don't bite. We gave it a shot anyway and got 4. (none were very big). The point is, some days will be better than others. Go when you have the chance and have fun. Also, forget moon phases on freshwater fish. If you fish at night, full moons help you see better, new moons it's darker out. The rest is pretty much just astrology.

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