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Looking for inexpensive short M/F or M/XF Casting rod

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I am looking for a 6' M/F or XF casting rod.  I want to use it for 5" senkos and flukes as a primary use with smaller cranks and spinner baits as a secondary use. I am looking for a sub $150 rod as I am not sure if going that short is going to work how I hope it will. I prefer split grips but am not super picky. Short casting rods are hard to find, other then pistol grip ones, which is a whole other project ^_^ 

The Daiwa Procyons have caught my eye as they are available for well under $100 but I cant find much info about them.  It looks like Daiwa has a few different lines of cheaper rods but again, info is thin.  



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It's not a split grip I believe I have seen a short M/F caster in the St. Croix premier line while browsing somewhere -- 6' maybe?

EDIT: yup, there it is, PC60MF:


And it's not the one with the pistol grip.

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I had looked at the Premier Line, but I have a 6' L Premier and it feels a lot heavier then other L rods that I have fished.  This rod will be sort of a trial run for an eventual custom rod, so I want to see if a true "medium" will work for what I have in mind.  

EDIT:  I saw that St Croix is selling a 6'6" M/F TRIUMPH X for $60.  I have a 5" UL/M from that line, but it is such an odd rod that I don't know if I have a good picture of the Triumph line from it.  Anyone know how they fish? It's longer then I want, but the price is right. 

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Can't help with the casting rod, but when I was looking for a reasonably priced spinning rod as a gift for my brother-in-law, a fellow member here (who has given me excellent advice on many occasions) suggested the Procyon....out of those I asked him about...even though one of the rods was more expensive.  That is the rod I went with.  Far as I know he has been happy with the rod.

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