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Jigging in rip rap with minimum snags .

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I fish from bank  below a small dam that is notoriously bad at snagging lures . Rip rap lines  the banks for  two hundred yards on both sides . A severe flood a few years back washed most of the old rip rap into the river  . When fishing here I have to bring a "lot"   of inexpensive jigs because i'm going to lose them in bunches  .   To catch fish consistently here one needs  to fish baits in the rocks .

I went Saturday . I tied on a 1/8 ounce roadrunner with the tapered end of a senko type worm  [ I used a Luck E Strike Jogger worm ] on bait casting gear with 12 lb test . The wind was blowing pretty hard and I couldnt make the upstream cast without back lashing . So , to add more weight I used the middle , fatter part of the worm .  I was still getting hung but the soft worm was thicker than the leadhead and it fell horizontally , so instead of the jig-head getting wedged the soft plastic would get wedged and I was able to pull it out .I didnt lose a single bait and caught five fish . This was by total accident and the lure was pretty ugly but it worked splendidly .  Most of the snags popped out using the bow and arrow technique . Just something to think about when rip rap is encountered .

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Thanks for the tip.  I would have never thought of that.

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