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Boat Trailer Repair?

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I am redoing my 14' Hull this year. Want to do it right and make it last. Looking to start with my trailer this weekend. It is a little bit rusted, and I don't want it to spread. I also want it to look nice. It is a Shoreland'r trailer with rollers. How can I seal the metal? Was thinking of truck bed liner or some type of chip and fade resistant paint. What do you think?

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You have a few options...  mostly dependent on how much time or money you want to spend. 


I've done it twice...


First time I was broke so I opted for the cheapest, labor intensive route.  I sanded mine down to fresh metal... mainly used drill mounted sanding disks/ wire wheels/etc and then a bunch of detail work with sandpaper and wire brushes and even dremel wheels.  Then prime & repaint. 


Next time I used a product called rust eater but they are long gone... replaced by something like plastikote rust converter.  It works shockingly well.  Just knock off the flakes or bubbles and paint it on.  It turns seals and stops the rust and then you paint right over it.  Much easier this way... and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.   Not show quality but no one but me ever noticed it wasn't original paint. 


Bedliner sounds like it might be a good option- but I don't know enough about it or the properties of the roll on vs spray on, etc..  Traditional primer and paint is good, if prepped right, and obviously can look nice.


Either way, the prep usually makes the finish job and you have to get rid of the rust or seal it. 


If you have the cash, just tow it over to the paint and body shop and p/u the next week!! 

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The easiest and most economical (long run) is to get it sandblasted and then use a product called POR-15. Use the cleaner and then the top coat. WEAR GLOVES!



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