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Another Great Customer Service Experience: Megabass

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I recently had 2 Megabass Vision 110's break the bill off on the first outing.  on one, i catch a fish first catch, catch one second cast, third cast feels really weird and when i get the bait back the bill is completely sheered off right at the bait????  second bait i cast for a while, end up catching a fish on it.  fish it for a while later and on one retrieve it comes back weird again and the lip is broken almost in half, vertically!  

i contact megabass on their website and 1 hour later someone emails me and says they don't really have a warranty, but they review all the baits on a case by case basis.  i sent both of them in and about a week later received a notice that the replacements had shipped.  They arrived with a hand written note which i thought was pretty cool considering that people rarely hand-write anything at all.  just thought i'd share another great customer service experience.  now if i could only figure out how to get megabass USA to replace my broken JDM destroyer!!!!!



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That's really cool of them!

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