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Stock Alphas 103 spool vs I'ze Factory spool?

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I recently bought a really nice purple Alphas 103L, and before it arrived, ordered as SV spool from an SV105 for it.  When I got the Alphas, it had a beautiful gold I'ZE Factory Spool in it.  I'm going to put the SV spool in the Alphas.  But I also have another Alphas 103L and an Alphas Ito Ai.  Would that I'ZE spool be an upgrade over the original Alphas or the Ito Ai spools?  Or should I just sell it and recoup some of the money spent on the reel?





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From what i can tell the ize and the ito are identical.  They cast the same for me and a weight check may verify this to be fact.  On clean bearings i have a hard time saying the ize is better than stock or a sol spool.  There is a huge difference in the deep zonda spool i picked up.  There are a lot of cool choices out there the only part i dont like is how much casting distance goes down if the stock or ize spools are not full.  I have a brand new alphas sv that i added to the collection but its still in the box.

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I have the Itö and the R Edition ( I'ze factory spool ) and I feel no difference between both.

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