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Can't Catch Bass

Tracking down summer Bass

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I had a rough day of fishing today.


I went out twice to this lake earlier this week. I was fishing from the shore and I got skunked on both occasions. I was fishing mostly jigs and spinners.


I try to do my fair share of research. And one rig I saw over and over suggested for the late summer bluebird days I've been experiencing is the Ned Rig.


Well, me and the Ned Rig had our ***** handed to us today. That got me to thinking... Which usually ends with some hair-brained scheme, but hear me out...


I ran across an article... 




Which is an excellent read by the way.


Here's some of the things it's states...


When you get to late summer Bass movements become hard to track. They're no longer holding near the shore where you can see them. They might be on structure in deeper areas, but that's not for sure and even if they were they don't always bite.


It's stated within the article that knowing the movement of the bass is key. It's theorized they find their way via landmarks/waypoints. While they are moving/transitioning from shallows to their "sanctuary" in the depths is when they're most likely to bite.


Here's my crazy thought (and let me preface this by saying I'm not sure of the legality of this, nor am I sure how ethical this may be), but I'm thinking we have a way of tracking this movement to a certain extent. I'm thinking of taking a small hook, hooking the webbed portion of the dorsal fin (so it doesn't impede movement) and attaching a cotton string with an attached float. This would allow me (the angler) to track the fish after it's been caught. I'm assuming the fish, once it's been caught, retreats to it's "sanctuary" where other fish are also gathered. It would allow me to fish the waypoints and hopefully increase the rate of strikes.



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This use to be a common way for crappie anglers to stay on schools of fish. Catch the first one, attach a line with a bobber to the fish somehow and then release it. I would for sure check the wildlife laws in your area, but it does work well when I've seen it done.

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