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Good Fluorocarbon Main Line Usable For Leader

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Recently, I started using both fluorocarbon main line as well as a fluorocarbon leader with braid main line.  This is my first experience using fluorocarbon.  I have been using Sunline Super FC Sniper 8# as both as a mainline and as a leader with braid for some of my light setups. I bank fish mostly, and I have to break off because of snagging regularly.  The problem is that I find that I when I break off, the line breaks off in the middle of the line too often instead of the knot attaching to the lure.  Last time I went out and had to break off, the line snapped about 10 inches past the FG knot attaching the leader to the mainline.  My question is if there is a fluorocarbon line that isn't leader material specific that works better than others as a leader.  

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Not really...I use remnants which are basically free. For dedicated line Seaguar Red Label will work just fine.



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The leader line will always break at the weakest point, that being either the connecting knot, the lure knot, or an abraded spot somewhere in between. To adjust for the first two, balance/match your leader and braid mainline (pound test ratio of each), as well as make certain to use and know how to tie good knots on each end. For the latter, change out your leader line if it starts getting nicked up for whatever reason.

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