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Casting Spoons

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looking for more info on casting spoons. what time of year works best? what colors go with the water clarity? I'm interested in the 1/8 ounce through 3/4 ounce spoons, any favorites? What rod action is best? Every year I try to get experience in something new and just thought why not spoons? I have a johnson sprite spoon, a krocodile spoon and a little kastmaster spoon but rarely throw them and I've never caught a fish on one. I know they work cause they been around forever it seems.

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I used to catch a bunch of bass casting 1/8-1/4 ounce Little Cleo spoons. They work well anytime bass are feeding on smaller baitfish.

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Gun, please go to introductions and introduce yourself.


As for spoons, any of your choice as long as they match the hatch.


In other words, what are the sizes of the shad in the area where you are going to fish the spoons?


As for techniques, you want to yo-yo the spoon to look like an injured shad or baitfish.


Let us know how you did.

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Welcome to the BR site.

Spoons are the oldest lures dating back to native Indians and Hawiians using abalone shells with bone hooks and woven hair for line.

Most anglers think of spoons for trout fishing, casting and retreiving or trolling. Bass anglers sometimes forget how effective spoons are and how versitile this lure can be.

Surface swimming weedless spoons, light weight flutter spoons, large heavier flutter spoons, heavy verticle jigging spoons and casting spoons you mentioned.

Anytime bass are feeding on baitfish spoons will works at any depth.

Suggest search site for "spoons" and read the past threads on this subject.

My favorite presentation for spoons is verticle jigging structure spoons.


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