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Gillroid 9000

My FX68 likes to be groovy

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I noticed the more i fished with my FX68,the more grooves it had.

I heard this issue is common with the t wing reels, especially the T3 series and thoughts or advice on the grooving issue?

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I thought they released a different twing in the US, I don't know if MB was doing the same thing. I would hit up Gary at the TackleTrap. He would know how to get you taken care of.

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Grooves where? On the TWS itself or the top of the reel?


it isn't a common issue on TWS reels anymore. It's rare but I've seen a few report the actual TWS piece grooving but it was replaced /w the upgraded one. 


It was an issue on the first release of the TWS on the very first tatula. 


The t3 variants however fall under a different issue. The ballistic was, I believe, the first reel that had reported grooving issues but they were above the TWS where the line would "rub" above the reel. Daiwa added some special piece on future T3 variants to address this issue but also were giving them out to anyone to put on the reels. I had a ballistic that had a grooving issue that was replaced  under warranty. I've had a few T31016's and still have one left that has not had any of the grooving. 

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