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Scattered Timber and Mud Bottom

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On the lake I fish regularly, there is a point I can catch bass on pre and post spawn.  I usually catch fish on a spinnerbait or chatterbait.


Around the corner of this point is a cove with scattered timber and mud bottom that looks like it could hold fish too but I haven't caught anything.  


I have tried crankbaits and working creature baits around the timber.


Is there a certain jig I should try casting in addition to what I am doing or another lure like a tube with a rattle or even a good old fashioned Texas rig with a worm?


I fished similar structure but a rock bottom growing up and it is starting to warm back up here so I am interested in other presentations to try.  I appreciate and advice anyone has.

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I successfully  fish standing timber in mud bottoms  a lot . Square bills   shallow , texas rigs at the base of the trees or   a top water buzzbait . Thats pretty much it for me  .

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You will have to experiment but to give you my thoughts:


Shakey Head with a Zoom Junebug trick worm and a 1/8 ounce jig head with a strong hook.

Wacky Rigged Senko, numbers 194 or 297, depending on water color.

KVD Square Bill 1.5 Sexy Shad crankbait.

White and Black Buzzbaits.

Whopper Plopper in Monkey Butt.

White/Chartreuse Spinnerbait with two silver or gold Willow blades depending on water color.


Use the lightest line you feel confident. Use a medium heavy rod with a fast tip if you have one.


Throw over and over at the timber. Don't give up after five or six casts. Keep throwing the baits at the timber. At least 10 for each area you are casting.


Have the crankbaits strike the timber and bounce off.


Work the topwaters around the timber.


Throw the Shakey Head and Senkos into the timber.


Let us know what you threw and if you got any bites and what you caught.


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How clear is the water, what time are you fishing it, and how deep is the cove?  There is a cove on a lake that I fish that sounds a lot like your cove, but it is around 6 to 8 feet deep.  You can catch bass at night, but in the daytime no bites. 

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Water depth is 6-8 ft and then it drops off the closer to you to the lake arm.  Water clarity is moderate.  Probably a few 2 feet on a good day.  


I will look in to trying a shakey head or a Senko.


I have some Senko's currently but no shakey head gear (I do have a list at Tackle Warehouse though).


For the Senko's, are you wacky rigging them or Texas rigging?

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