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Table Rock help

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Hello Everyone,


My sons 5th birthday is July 2nd.  We are headed to Branson for a few days to hang out and go to Silver Dollar City.  We got started into fishing together a couple of years ago and he loves it.  So, I thought we would take some gear on our trip.  Are there any decent places to bank fish down there?  I don't really care to rent a boat because he hasn't ever fished off of one.  He is about to get a new rod/reel for his bday so that will be enough of a learning curve.  


We are staying near the Table Rock Dam and would like to stay in that area.  I see a trout hatchery right there.  It looks like there might be a spot to fish there.  I was just wondering if anyone had a good location where we could get a line wet for a couple of hours and have some fun.  We usually fish for bass and bluegill near our house, but I have been told that the trout fishing my be the way to go given the hatchery being there.


Thanks in advance for any ***.

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Lake Taneycomo where the hatchery is located is a cold water tailwater fishery and has world class trout fishing in it.  Bank fishing there depends on how much generation they have going on.  If the water is low it's wadeable but you usually need waders since the water is about 50 degrees or so year round unless you don't mind your legs being numb.  Generation schedule can be found here and anything over 25MW of generation is un-wadeable. Right now they are not generating until the afternoon for several hours but if you go in the morning it would we wadeable.



Just to the south of the dam is  Dewey Short Visitor Center and Table Rock State Park both have a good deal of decent access to bank fishing.  Take some Ned rigs and some worms and bobbers and you'll catch some bass and nice blue gills.

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Perfect.  We don't have waders so I will look at the state park area. I saw that on a map but didn't know what access was like over there.  I appreciate the heads up.

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Around state park is probably your best bet.. I don't know about moonshine just on the other side of the Dam.. They have a swimming area not sure if there's fishing access or not.

 Cooper creek on Taneycomo has a public area with a fishing dock that's nice also if you want to try for trout.

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I've caught a lot of trout from the bank right there under the bridge by BPS in Branson, no waders required. Catching bass from shore at Table Rock in the summer is a daunting task. 

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