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School Me on Jigs

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I remember as a kid going through my dads tackle box, he must have had a hundred different bass jigs or varying color. I got back into bass fishing heavily 5 or 6 years ago, started out with crankbaits, then learned how to Texas Rig and Drop shot, fish various topwater techniques. A few weeks ago I decided to give jigs a shot, since everyone on here talks about them and Ive seen local guys do really well. I bought about 5 different colors ranging from brown to chartreuse. 


I took them out to a local pond one night, absolutely nothing. I watched some videos about pulling it along the bottom similiar to worms, tried swimming it straight it, tried bouncing it off the bottom, but not even a bite. I rigged up some senkos on a wacky rig and proceeded to catch a few on that within minutes.


So my question, what am I doing wrong? Were they not in the mood for it that night? Will it only attract the bigger bass? Do I need a trailer? I see alot of guys using a craw trailer but in my local ponds crawfish are non-existent, then only places i could see bass eating craws are places with alot of rock structure, this particular pond is just a dugout mud pit, no rock to be found. 

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