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Help with Lake Murray

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I'm in SC for about 2 weeks, visiting from CT. I'm trying to get onto some bass in Lake Murray. I've got an 11' kayak that I launch from the dam end of the lake. Any suggestions on baits would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to hook into a striper but since I'm newish to kayak fishing it worries me a bit so I'm leaning more toward LMBs and SMBs. TIA

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Dont worry about catching a striper from a kayak. It's not as bad as some people think. A good one on light line will pull you around a good bit because of having to let it pull a lot of drag. But it's nothing rediculous...The only thing you really have to worry about is boat traffic.  The striper should be deep right now unless you run way up a river or something and get into some much cooler current. I fish hartwell from a kayak. I've heard Murray and hartwell are pretty similar bodies of water as far as temp goes. I'm catching largemouth in grass right now both deep and shallow, the topwater bite at the break of day has been pretty productive for me to in shallow water. I've been using a sammy, and a excalibur spittin image bill dance lure somebody gave me....also caught some on a weightless fluke in smokin shad color working it real slow as well as a kvd 2.5 

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Tie on a fluke or a topwater bait (chrome colored) and fish any points you can access with your YAK in the early morning and evenings. You will catch something down there. The schoolers (both largemouth and stripers) have been really active all over the lake. 

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