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     So in July I bought a Daiwa fishing sling backpack online from this store (www.crossoutdoorgear.com). I ordered it for a Colorado fishing trip for August. Well, its September now and I messaged the company several times throughout to see if they were ever gonna send the backpack. No replies for weeks now. Luckily, I was able to use the PayPal checkout on their website, and so today I disputed the charges. But the funny thing is I looked up their address and noticed it was fake! There is no business called crossoutdoorgear for that address! I even looked up their BBB profile and what do you know, the BBB can't contact them either. And unfortunately, I am not the only victim of this.


    When I buy things online I usually do some sort of research on the brand, especially if its a brand that I have never heard of. And a lot of my finesse fishing gear are from Japan. So I looked up their website on Facebook and Instagram. And from the looks of things they seemed pretty legit. Thousands of likes and followers on both platforms. But now looking back at some of their post likes, and older posts I now see that the number of likes versus their follower ratios does not add up.


    I also noticed the complaints on BBB and some other forums say that when you order from this company, you won't hear from them for the first month or so but if you raise enough hell they will send you something. It might not be the Item you wanted but they send something just to say they sent it. My guess is that this guy does not have very many customers to begin with, hence the very low number of complaints for this website. 


    This is not the first time I've seen a scam but this guy blatantly frauds people and seems to get away with it. So I'm gonna do my best to help out the community and spread this so you guys don't get scammed. This guy sells fishing gear so watch out!! 



   I reported to the FTC and BBB I hope whoever owns that website sees this post. 


Anyone else been through this?





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Hello and welcome to the forum. Very interesting first post. Good luck getting your money back. I only order from companies I have dealt with before that I know are reputable.

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From the Rules and FAQs you just agreed to in order to register for an account here:


I have a dispute with 'company X'. Can I post about it here?
While we can empathize with your frustration, the best course of action is deal directly with the company. Escalate it up the ladder, file a grievance with PayPal or Ebay (if they were involved with the transaction). File a mail fraud complaint with the post office. There are other options, but attacking the company in a public forum is not appropriate nor allowed. Such posts will be removed.

You payed with PayPal.  You are 100% protected.  FTC and BBB cannot get you a refund.

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